PU CET Entrance Coaching in Chandigarh

PU CET Entrance Coaching in Chandigarh

Mantram Study Group offers comprehensive coaching for the 2024 Panjab University Common Entrance Test (PU CET)

Mantram Study Group offers comprehensive coaching for the 2024 Panjab University Common Entrance Test (PU CET) at its Chandigarh centre. This year's PU CET preparation course enhances students' core concepts and exam strategy across subjects like physics, chemistry, mathematics, and English. With experienced faculty and a structured study plan covering the entire PU CET syllabus, Mantram aims to help students gain an edge in the competitive exam.

The coaching includes topic-wise lectures, doubt-clearing sessions, mock tests, and personalized mentoring. Students also access Mantram's online learning portal for revision and self-study. With its results-driven teaching methodology and strategic guidance, Mantram's 2024 PU CET Coaching in Chandigarh strives to boost students' rankings and enable admissions into top PU-affiliated colleges.

The Test will be conducted in the subjects of (i) Physics, (ii) Chemistry (iii) Biology (iv) Mathematics. The scheme of the PU – CET (U.G.) Entrance Test is given below:


Number of Questions

Marks allotted to

each Question

Total Marks


Paper-I Mathematics




70 minutes

Paper-II Chemistry




70 minutes

Paper-III Physics




70 minutes

Paper-IV Biology




70 minutes

Best PU CET Entrance Coaching in Chandigarh

PU CET Entrance Coaching in Chandigarh Under Graduate and Post Graduate Courses offer candidates looking for a valuable Graduate Degree/ Post Graduate Degree program after graduation or two and wish to excel in their respective fields. The coaching program provides comprehensive study material, experienced faculty, and a structured curriculum to ensure the overall development of the students.

PU CET Entrance Coaching

We introduce ourselves as the experts in Chandigarh for PU CET entrance coaching. Mantram Near Panjab University is an exclusive, state-of-the-art educational institution for various PU entrance exams, such as engineering, medical, and law courses. This has been possible because of our extraordinary faculty, extensive research on the patterns of various exams, and our personalized approach to coaching. From 2007 till now, Mantram has had the honor of teaching around 1,200 students for various PU entrance exams, and we have touched new heights with our consistent success rate.

PU CET Coaching

Our students have consistently secured top ranks in the PU CET Exams, many even achieving All India Ranks. Our dedication to providing quality education and our strong belief in the potential of our students have been the driving force behind our success. Our research team constantly strive to stay updated with the latest PU entrance exam trends and provide our students with the best resources, guidance and study material to help them excel in their chosen fields.


PU CET Entrance Coaching in Chandigarh

Mantram is a premier PU CET Entrance Coaching in Chandigarh for the preparation of various graduate and post-graduate exams. Since its inception in 2007, 1000+ students have aced the PU examination, many securing top ranks. Mantram's success can be attributed to its team of experienced and dedicated faculty members who provide comprehensive study material and personalized guidance to each student.

Online PU CET Coaching

Mantram offers Online PU CET Coaching with online video pre-recorded classes and practice exams at chapter, subject and course levels. Besides practice exams, Mantram provides updated study material, mock tests, and regular doubt-solving sessions to help students prepare for the PU CET entrance exam. The online video pre-recorded classes allow students to learn independently and revisit concepts whenever needed.

Best PU CET Entrance Coaching Institute

The test series prepared by the Best PU CET Entrance Coaching Institute in Chandigarh is a unique way to test your preparation level for PU entrance 2024, and it provides an accurate reflection of the actual exam. The series includes a variety of question types and covers all the essential topics, helping students identify their strengths and weaknesses. With detailed analysis and feedback for each test, students can track their progress and make necessary improvements to achieve their desired score in the PU entrance exam.

Mantram Study Group: Unparalleled PU CET Entrance Coaching 

At Mantram Study Group, our dedicated team comprises IITians who wholeheartedly invest their efforts to achieve excellence. With a decade of rich experience in the field, we have consistently nurtured top-ranking students across various competitive exams. The collective knowledge and expertise of our IITian team form the backbone of our commitment to delivering unparalleled coaching and guidance to our students. We are proud of our previous PU CET Entrance track record of achievement.

As a top institution in the area, we constantly improve and modify our instructional strategies to guarantee the best outcomes. The journey at Mantram is marked by unwavering commitment and energy, and we take immense pride in assisting numerous individuals in successfully clearing the PU CET Exam through our CET Coaching Academy in Chandigarh.


Prepare a detailed study plan for the PU CET Entrance Exam

A detailed study plan for the PU CET Entrance Exam should include thoroughly analyzing the syllabus and the previous year's question papers. It is essential to allocate a specific timetable for each subject and prioritize topics based on their weightage in the exam. Moreover, candidates should also make a timetable for revision and regular practice to improve speed and accuracy.

Regular self-assessment through mock tests and sample papers will help aspirants identify areas of strength and weakness and allow for targeted improvement. Overall, a well-structured study plan will ensure a systematic and focused approach towards exam preparation, increasing the chances of success in cracking the PU CET Entrance Exam.

Preparation for the PU CET Entrance Exam without coaching can be complex. Still, it is achievable with ask, but Mantram PU CET Entrance Coaching Classes have the right study plan and are believable. To ensure comprehensive preparation, it is essential to gather all the necessary PU entrance notes and resources, such as textbooks, reference books, and online study materials.

Creating a study schedule and sticking to it diligently will help cover all the topics effectively. Seeking guidance from the previous year's question papers and solving them regularly will give a better understanding of the PU exam pattern and the types of questions asked.

Strategic Approach for PU Entrance Exams by Mantram Study Group

Preparing for PU entrance exams requires a strategic approach. Start preparation early, at least six months in advance. Thoroughly analyze the exam pattern, syllabus, and previous years' question papers. Make a realistic timeline and daily routine for self-study. Focus on strengthening your core concepts in each subject through NCERT textbooks. Solve mock tests regularly to assess your progress.

Take breaks to avoid burnout. Stay motivated through the ups and downs. Join weekend coaching classes like those offered by Mantram in Chandigarh for expert guidance and a competitive edge for acing PU CET. Their personalized teaching methodology and test series make them the best for PU CET prep in Chandigarh.


Strategies you need to crack this PU CET Exam on your first try

  • Proper Study Plan: No one undermines the importance of performing basic tasks once. If that means preparing for entrance exams, you must be even more careful.
  • Proper Schedule: Students need to plan appropriately to prepare for the exam.
  • Time management: is an essential function in preparing to pass exams.
  • Students should develop the habit of writing as many tests as possible. Practice makes perfect, so keep practicing. This is what you are asked to do. There are no shortcuts to success.

Here are some essential tips for future success. Studying is necessary, but nowadays, it is required to proceed objectively.

Take the help of a Coaching Institute. Self-studying for the PU CET exam can be difficult. You can take the support of the best PU CET Entrance Coaching in Chandigarh.

Other helpful preparation tips: Mantram PU CET Coaching Institute in Chandigarh to crack the PU CET exam

  • If you have enough time for the entrance exam, choose the chapters you are weak in and the essential chapters from the exam point of view.
  • Read the chapters that you lack practice and feel are important.
  • Prioritize essential chapters if you still need to review them or have yet to do enough practice problems.
  • The basics must be cleared using the standard textbooks for classes. Once students understand the basics, they can move up the ladder by reading various other books on the market.
  • Candidates should make their notes with the help of a friend or teacher.
  • Always remember how many days are left.
  • Turn off your gadgets while researching (recommended).

More Features of Mantram PU CET Coaching Classes:

  • We provide individual counseling and analysis, focusing on individual performance.
  • 3-4 hours of regular classes daily for preparation for the PU CET entrance exam.
  • Highly Qualified and skilled faculty is teaching a variety of subjects.
  • Competitive and elegant environment.
  • A series of PU tests will be conducted online and offline.
  • Unique handwritten study material + intensive practice section for PU CET exam.
  • Your mentor will also give shortcut tips and tricks to help you do well on your exams.
  • All re-joining candidates will receive a lifetime free expiration card from us.
  • We provide hostel/PG facility availability.


In my view, Mantram PU CET Entrance Coaching in Chandigarh is one of the best institutes for PU entrance exams. There is excellent support and openness among the faculty and staff at Mantram. The teachers are highly experienced and dedicated, providing personalized attention to each student. They cover all single topics, and Class notes are sufficient for exam preparation. The institute also conducts regular mock tests and provides comprehensive study materials, ensuring students are well-prepared and confident on exam day.

In my opinion, Mantram PU CET Entrance Coaching in Chandigarh is one of the best institutes for preparation. There is a great sense of support and encouragement among the faculty and students, creating a positive and motivating learning environment. The experienced and highly qualified teachers are dedicated to providing individual attention and guidance to each student, ensuring their overall growth and success.

It was easy for me to choose Mantram PU CET Entrance Coaching in Chandigarh because of their results and public reviews, which convinced me they were the best option for my preparation. The institute's personalized approach and small batch sizes also assured me I would receive individual attention and guidance throughout my preparation.

Mantram PU CET Entrance Coaching in Chandigarh is a good institution with revered and experienced faculties from Chandigarh and all over India; the faculty brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the classroom. Their dedication to teaching and commitment to the success of their students is truly commendable.


Which coaching is best for PU CET Exam?

A candidate needs the proper training to crack the PU CET entrance examination. Therefore, Mantram in Chandigarh is the best coaching institute in Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula for aspirants aspiring to crack the PU CET entrance examination.

Which PU CET Entrance Coaching in Chandigarh has the best success rate?

Mantram in Chandigarh in Panjab University has the highest success rate in all PU entrance exams as they provide comprehensive and personalized coaching to each student. The experienced faculty at Mantram ensures that students understand every concept thoroughly and are well-prepared for the exams.

Does Mantram provide Online PU CET Entrance coaching?

Yes, Mantram provides offline and online PU CET Entrance Coaching Classes to help students prepare for the highly competitive exam. The offline classes are conducted in our well-equipped coaching centres, where experienced faculty members guide students through the entire syllabus. On the other hand, online courses provide flexibility and convenience for students who may not be able to attend physical classes.

Where Mantram provide Online PU CET Entrance coaching?

Mantram provides offline PU CET Entrance Coaching in Chandigarh, India. We have provided entrance coaching classes for PU Entrance since 2007 and have helped numerous students achieve their goals of getting admission into the prestigious Panjab University. Our experienced and qualified CET teachers are dedicated to providing our students with the best guidance and study materials. We also offer flexible batch timings and personalized attention to ensure each student receives the necessary support to excel in the entrance examination.

How can I clear my PU CET Entrance Exam on the first attempt?

Candidates can follow these PU CET Entrance Exam Tips and Tricks- Improve time management skills, clear your concepts, Exam Analysis, and practice the previous year's question papers. Time management is crucial during the exam, so candidates should practice solving questions within the given time frame. Clearing concepts is equally essential, so candidates should focus on understanding the topics thoroughly and seeking clarification wherever needed. Exam analysis can help identify the pattern and type of questions, allowing candidates to prepare accordingly. Lastly, solving previous year's question papers can familiarize PU CET Entrance Exam candidates with the exam format and help them identify their weak areas for improvement.

Are the PU CET Entrance study materials updated regularly?

Mantram PU CET Entrance Coaching Institute ensures that their study materials for the PU CET Entrance exam are updated regularly. We at Mantram PU Entrance Coaching Classes understand the significance of staying updated with any changes or additions to the PU exam syllabus. Therefore, they continuously review and revise their study materials to ensure that students have access to the most relevant and accurate information. This commitment to updating their materials reflects their dedication to providing students with the best resources to succeed in the PU CET Entrance exam.

How should I prepare for the PU entrance exam?

If you want to successfully pass and get into an applied program at a prestigious university, you need to make the most of your time. • Creating a schedule • Get learning materials • Solve previous year's problems • Revision • control yourself • Study every day • Exercise before studying • Practice exam

Is the PU entrance exam easy?

The Punjab University entrance exam is relatively easy. All you need is conceptual clarity of your mind.

Is the PU entrance exam difficult?

25% is easy, and 75% is problematic. I expected it to be a manageable problem. The questions were strictly from the class 10 syllabus, but the many twists and turns in the questions made it very difficult to understand, especially in Physics. Chemistry and biology were easy.

Are there any negative points in the PU entrance exam?

There is a provision for negative marking in PU-CET (PG). 0.25 points will be deducted for each of the incorrect answers.

What is the passing score for PU Chandigarh?

The Punjab University (PU) syndicate has approved the unified passing marks system for undergraduate (U-G) courses. The minimum passing marks are distributed as a minimum of 35% for the theory exam and 20% for the internal assessment exam.